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Ternurita Print

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  • Ternurita Print
  • Ternurita Print
  • Ternurita Print
  • Ternurita Print

Lovely drypoint print of an Axolotl in a Talavera coffee cup. Inspired by our cultura Mexicana, Aztec mythology, and legends. Dedicated to my fellow coffee addicts and axolotl lovers.

Axolotls are also named after the Ancient Aztec god, Xolotl. He was the god of fire, lightning, sickness, and deformities. One legend says the god, Xolotl, got mixed up in the political affairs of the other gods and feared he would be banished or lose his life. He decided to transform himself into an Axolotl to elude capture.

This print is handmade using professional quality tools and materials. Etched into a plexiglass plate, inked, and printed on deckle-edge Stonehenge paper 90lb (250 gsm). Printed in an etching press at La Chicharra Studio in Brownsville, Texas.

Some minor variations in ink consistency and texture may occur from print to print.
Prints are titled, numbered, and hand signed by the artist in pencil.

Limited edition of 8

Paper 7 1/8" X 10"
Print 5 1/8" X 8"

Sold unframed and unmounted.

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Prints will be carefully packaged, wrapped inside an acid-free paper, and sent in a large flat envelope.